Tristezza for Trieste

by Tia on April 3, 2011

Have you heard of Trieste – the presently Italian town of formerly Austro-Hungarian origins that enjoyed a short stint as an independent city-state after World War II? The New York Times ran a story about it last week, called Elegy on the Adriatic, that suggests anyone, who travels, has. After reading the article, I regretted not having had a chance to learn all this before I set foot in Trieste a couple of years ago. I knew back then there was a reason well beyond its position on the way from Zagreb to Venice that drew me to it. I just hadn’t figured out what it was.  

Positive psychology maintains that the way we choose to describe our experiences is in direct correlation with our sense of well-being. I humbly interpret this to mean that the way we choose to describe our experiences defines the way they will affect us. Perception is reality, no? Because I didn’t know enough about its rich history and literary heritage, my first visit to Trieste was, by some definitions, a missed encounter.

Now I will have to find a way to go back.    

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