The Rise of Fall

by Tia on November 20, 2011

Loving autumn did not come easily to me. As far back as I can remember, for me there was only one unquestionable definition of the good life – summer, sunshine, beach time. I grew up in a small town on the right bank of the Danube whose population inflated every summer to include bunches of big-city-kids who came to spend their summer school break with Grandma and Grandpa. We played in the streets all day and late into the night. We biked, played hide-and-seek, and stole figs from our neighbors’ yards because everyone knows thy neighbor’s figs taste better than those in your own grandparents’ yard. Around the age of fourteen we began to secretly fall in love and sneak our first cigarette. And we went to the beach. Boy, did we love going to the beach. It often took an entire year of begging and convincing our parents we were old enough to go to the beach by ourselves. It was a hard-fought win.

Fall was when all the beach fun ended and the subjects of my summer love went back to the big city. How could I then learn to love the season that was the end of the three pillars of my precarious young happiness? It was a slow transformation. It started with graduating from college, which changed the definition of fall as the start time of tough semesters, filled with descriptive geometry and convective heat transfer principles. Then came my first job, which brought about disposable income and the ability to become part of party life in the big city, which sort of kicked off in the fall, when everyone returned from their Black Sea summer holidays. It had a lot to do with growing up to acquire the wonderful ability to enjoy being by myself and to appreciate nature. And it culminated when I moved to New England, where fall is an indisputably glorious affair. So there, you have it. The rise of fall explained.    

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