The Good, the Bad and the Interesting

by Tia on April 25, 2011


Imagine a world full of people who never cut each other off in traffic, never engage in improper relationships that involve [Cuban?] cigars, and never advise the penniless and hungry to eat gourmet pastries. Now, imagine yourself perfectly bored.

If you eat carrots every day of your life, in addition to hypervitaminosis A, you may develop cravings for the figurative taste of a stick. Lighting a fire can help warm you up. Playing with fire can make your blood cells flutter in excitement.

Mind you, dear readers, I offer no praise of proficiently bad people. I’m simply confessing tasteful adulation of the adventure of crossing the occasional boundary or two, and finding pleasure in it. It’s a process that should be approached with caution as any other pursuit that involves walking the fine line between living with gusto and being overbearingly hedonistic. Please remember that where one person’s sweet indulgence begins, another person’s enjoyment may end. Do no harm.

That’s it. That’s all. I just had to put it out there.  

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