The faces of my morning run

by Tia on April 18, 2011

The first minutes of my morning run are always tender and uncertain as I find my pace and assess if this will be a day I’ll by running effortlessly or not so much. The answer to this question determines how I think of the faces that have become part of my jogging routine. Like true milestones, they mark the beginning and end of my run. The first set of faces I encounter are stone sculptures made by local artist Kris Brennan of Design Outdoors (featured in this article of South Shore Living), which are arranged alongside the street the artist lives on.

And at the end of my run, designed by someone with a good sense of humor, is another face that likely has no claim to be a piece of art but still has plenty of personality as it looks upon passersby from the tree hollow it calls home.

I was a little nervous as I set out to take the pictures. I did a little research on the legal side of taking pictures of people’s property and was reassured it’s generally allowed. After contemplating different modes of transportation, including by foot and by car, I set out on my photographic journey by bike. I felt this would be the most innocuous way to wander around people’s property and take pictures, as a bike would be the least likely vehicle any self-respecting criminal – which I wanted to make sure I don’t look like! – would choose, while still providing enough speed for a hasty retreat should things come to that.  

{this one just watches me impassively}


  {I tend to think of these two fellows as two grumpy, lazy frogs}


  {this one always makes me think of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”, not sure if the semblance was sought on purpose}


  {unfortunately, the hasty manner in which I took the pictures, led to this major miss as it doesn’t at all show the personality of this unusual creature with protruding teeth}


{I alternate likening this one to a procession of penguins or ghosts. Or a penguin leading a bunch of ghosts}


  {there’s something very fond and approving in the way this guy looks at me as I jog by}

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