A spirited if somewhat pedestrian ode to Friday night

In my book, Friday night is sure to deliver on at least one promise – two mornings of optional sleeping in. It also arrives tastelessly mouthfull of unsubstantiated expectations about the monumental projects, respectful tasks or simply mundane chores that I smugly vow to complete...


Five Smile Prompters

The way our crazy cat Skitter naps:   An Italian dog’s ride:   Cat-ladder spotted in Florence:   Imaginative way to store a bike:   Street name:


Tristezza for Trieste

Have you heard of Trieste – the presently Italian town of formerly Austro-Hungarian origins that enjoyed a short stint as an independent city-state after World War II? The New York Times ran a story about it last week, called Elegy on the Adriatic, that suggests...


Seven ways to describe rain

Trivial: Water falling from the sky Poetic: The sun is taking a shower behind a curtain of clouds Mathematical: Necessary but not sufficient condition for the birth of a rainbow Metaphorical: Snow with a melting heart Existential: The sad, joyful, or meaningless process (depending on...

Francoise Sagan

Ten questions I wish I could ask Françoise Sagan

What acts of life are worth crying over? Was your early success a blessing or a curse? What French cheeses should an aspiring author consume for inspiration? Do you believe in bourgeois chic? Does it take a lot of hard work to remain an enfant...


Why do I love reading so much? It’s one of the best ways to learn new things. I love seeing a thought elegantly transformed into words. Words are a potent way to create notions and descriptions. They stir your imagination and in the case of...

Not turning the page

My attitude towards New Year resolutions and planning big bold steps for the New Year ranges from circumspect at best to downright cynical at worst. I get equally underwhelmed by the idea of seeking closure with the year that is coming to an end. It...