(Oxy)Moronic Verses

  Hope and doubt, doubt and hope Single-digit crowds of friendly misanthropes Indiscrete count Unambiguous bet My world is half-round and mostly half-flat  

Heart Leaf

The Rise of Fall

Loving autumn did not come easily to me. As far back as I can remember, for me there was only one unquestionable definition of the good life – summer, sunshine, beach time. I grew up in a small town on the right bank of the...

Island Creek Oyster Stout

The brewing thoughts of an amateur beer-lover (part I)

Being a beer connoisseur has long gone mainstream. Just like I do with wine, I tend to be completely satisfied with just loving it, without having to know all that much about it. After all, I hail from generations of vintners, who tended our small...


Bilingual and vocal

“In a language we understand, we have replaced opacity of sound by transparency of idea” ~Marcel Proust     A few months ago, I wrote a guest blog post for EURO RSCG’s blog. The staffs of EURO RSCG were kind enough to have the post...


The Good, the Bad and the Interesting

  Imagine a world full of people who never cut each other off in traffic, never engage in improper relationships that involve [Cuban?] cigars, and never advise the penniless and hungry to eat gourmet pastries. Now, imagine yourself perfectly bored. If you eat carrots every...


The faces of my morning run

The first minutes of my morning run are always tender and uncertain as I find my pace and assess if this will be a day I’ll by running effortlessly or not so much. The answer to this question determines how I think of the faces...


A rocky affair

Stones have always been a source of attraction and mystique for me. When I was very young, a friend told me that in its original form, a talisman was a stone with a hole in it. At that age, I hadn’t yet developed the requisite...