Seven ways to describe rain

by Tia on March 16, 2011

Trivial: Water falling from the sky

Poetic: The sun is taking a shower behind a curtain of clouds

Mathematical: Necessary but not sufficient condition for the birth of a rainbow

Metaphorical: Snow with a melting heart

Existential: The sad, joyful, or meaningless process (depending on the observer’s state of mind) of water condensed from atmospheric vapor and falling in drops      

Technocratic: Liquid precipitation

Atomistic: There are approximately 20 drops of rain per ml; 1 drop x (1 ml / 20 drops) x (1 g / ml) x (1 mole / 18.01 g) x (6.022×10^23 molecules / mole) = 1.7×10^21 molecules

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