Not turning the page

by Tia on January 1, 2011

My attitude towards New Year resolutions and planning big bold steps for the New Year ranges from circumspect at best to downright cynical at worst. I get equally underwhelmed by the idea of seeking closure with the year that is coming to an end. It feels too much like letting 365 days of your life reach their expiration date. This is why, although it may not be published until 2011, I am writing my first blog post on this December 30, 2010 with the determined intent not to turn it into a reconciliation of the past year. The birth of this web site has been in the making for three years, ever since I had a miniscule epiphany during a morning jog and came up with the word “intuitionista” as a play on, or at least one rhyming with, “fashionista”. I had no idea what I wanted to do with the domain and just sat on it for 39 months. Then during my dolce far niente break this holiday season, I thought it’s time to make something of it. I love writing and have done some of it and even gotten published in my native Bulgarian. So why not give it a try and see how well I can articulate my thoughts in English. This is what this blog will be about – turning life experiences into words and hopefully looking into them a little more deeply in the process of writing.

Dear readers, if you will exist, be forewarned that I may and will likely mix some posts in other languages (Bulgarian, Russian and French) as I find it fun to change up the linguistic toolbox every so often.

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