My opportunities are challenging and my challenges are opportune

by Tia on March 3, 2011

 The concept of turning challenges into opportunities was woven throughout many classes I took and multiple projects I worked on while getting my MBA. I try to keep this mindset in the back of my…..well, mind…. and it helps me be creative and avoid burnout. But lately I feel I need a refresher course on the subject so while driving home tonight, I contemplated how to go about it (OK, I can’t help but point out that thinking about this during my very challenging commute is a handy illustration of the challenges into opportunities” concept). In search of some novel source of resolve rejuvenation, I did a few quick searches and compiled a short reading list that I will gradually attack over the next few weeks. The items I picked may seem too random, but I am hoping this will bring some serendipitous opportunities.

  • Collaboration Opportunities and Challenges for the Mobile Workforce:
  • Unesco Report on “Engineering: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities for Development”:
  • BMW Cites Challenges and Opportunities in 2010 (it will be fun to see if they made any of this happen):
  • PROJECT EUROPE 2030 Challenges and Opportunities:
  • Psychological Research Online: Opportunities and Challenges:
  • OK, the serendipity thing is kind of working. As I was searching for an image to use for this post (I hope it’s OK to use it if I give credit via the link), I came across this blog post on “Opportunity Screams: Are you listening”:

2 Responses to “My opportunities are challenging and my challenges are opportune”

  • Alisa says:

    Another good example would be the oil crises that come from the political tie-up of oil that have turned into America’s (well, and the world’s) focus on more renewable and sustainable energy. I say hooray!

  • Tia says:

    I second your “hooray”, Alisa. Back when I lived in Europe, where people pay double (or triple, I don’t even follow this anymore) the price we pay in the US, I had a different attitude towards energy from a consumer standpoint.

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