My day of circumstances-imposed digital semi-abstinence

by Tia on March 10, 2011

Forgot my iPhone home in the morning. Realized only when three miles away from the house. Was late to begin with so no option to turn around. Initial flood of panic followed by a call – mental, not technology enabled – from myself to my senses. 

Very slow traffic with signs of even further deterioration. Can’t check traffic conditions on my phone. Can’t call my husband to vent. Did take advantage of the lack of phone distraction to take a good look at the trees on the side of the highway. Noticed how intricately snarled the thin branches of one of them are. Regretted not having my phone to snap a picture and share on social networks. Acutely aware of my phone not being available throughout my whole drive to work.

Got an email from husband “How can u live without your iPhone, my dear? It’s sitting next to the microwave”. At least I am in the office now and back online.

Have only reached for my phone twice so far in the day (it’s currently 1:30 PM). Wanted to record something in my notes and calendar but no big deal.

Late lunch break. Felt awkward due to habit of checking email quite often during the day.

Drinks with a coworker. Reached for me iPhone a couple of times in an impulse to show her some pictures.

Driving on the highway at 10:30 PM and feeling uncomfortable that if I got a flat tire, I can’t call AAA. Reassuring myself I’ve already gotten my share of flat tires for the year (one in January).

Home at last! Reunited with my beloved communication device. Off to bed after fighting off a minor urge to kiss my iPhone good night. Just kiddin’!

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