Five Smile Prompters

The way our crazy cat Skitter naps:   An Italian dog’s ride:   Cat-ladder spotted in Florence:   Imaginative way to store a bike:   Street name:


Tristezza for Trieste

Have you heard of Trieste – the presently Italian town of formerly Austro-Hungarian origins that enjoyed a short stint as an independent city-state after World War II? The New York Times ran a story about it last week, called Elegy on the Adriatic, that suggests...

Hardcover Template 5 5/8 x 8 11/16

Book review: The Thoughtful Dresser

If I believed that when writing “The Thoughtful Dresser: The Art of Adornment, the Pleasures of Shopping, and Why Clothes Matter” Linda Grant had one single purpose in mind – to liberate us from the notion that caring about clothes and appearance is trivial and...


Window shopping


Seven ways to describe rain

Trivial: Water falling from the sky Poetic: The sun is taking a shower behind a curtain of clouds Mathematical: Necessary but not sufficient condition for the birth of a rainbow Metaphorical: Snow with a melting heart Existential: The sad, joyful, or meaningless process (depending on...


Grocery shopping – redesigned for the digital age

It all started when I asked a friend on Facebook to share a recipe for an Italian broccoli soufflé. Instead of writing it out or sending it as a link, she simply snapped a picture of the recipe straight from the pages of her cipy of...


My day of circumstances-imposed digital semi-abstinence

Forgot my iPhone home in the morning. Realized only when three miles away from the house. Was late to begin with so no option to turn around. Initial flood of panic followed by a call – mental, not technology enabled – from myself to my...