Tristezza for Trieste

Have you heard of Trieste – the presently Italian town of formerly Austro-Hungarian origins that enjoyed a short stint as an independent city-state after World War II? The New York Times ran a story about it last week, called Elegy on the Adriatic, that suggests...


Window shopping


10 things I’ve always wanted to do & I haven’t done (yet)

Learn Spanish Visit Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and draw pictures of the moai Learn how to draw so I can draw the moai when I visit Rapa Nui Live in South America Write a book Learn how to wolf-whistle Learn how to play bridge Become...


Waking up in Istria

Nothing brings promise like a summer morning. I should have been lingering in bed, sleeping away the fatigue of the ride from Venice through Slovenia to Croatia and of finding a place to stay the night after the unexpected encounter with Piran’s inexcusable tackiness forced...

Beach in winter

The beach in winter

Sand and snow make for an unsuitable pair. Sand is summery and meant to shimmer under the sun. It’s destined to make you happy as you wiggle your toes in it. It’s designed to stick to a woman’s shapely calves as a sexy accessory. In...