A Picture and a Haiku – Haut-Medoc

In vino salus So we drink reverently And learn to cherish


A Picture and a Haiku – Musée Rodin Paris

  He who subdues stone Into warm curves and sinews And she who sees it


A Picture and a Haiku – Moustiers-Sainte-Marie

  So soft is the flight Of those who have old legend Give wind to their wings

Portugal - for blog

A Picture and a Haiku – Lisbon

Textures and patterns Dance between color and sun Meld in the shadows


The faces of my morning run

The first minutes of my morning run are always tender and uncertain as I find my pace and assess if this will be a day I’ll by running effortlessly or not so much. The answer to this question determines how I think of the faces...


A rocky affair

Stones have always been a source of attraction and mystique for me. When I was very young, a friend told me that in its original form, a talisman was a stone with a hole in it. At that age, I hadn’t yet developed the requisite...


Five Smile Prompters

The way our crazy cat Skitter naps:   An Italian dog’s ride:   Cat-ladder spotted in Florence:   Imaginative way to store a bike:   Street name: