A Picture and a Haiku – Haut-Medoc

In vino salus So we drink reverently And learn to cherish


Here’s looking at you, 2012!

I’ve never disliked a year enough to feel truly happy to see it go and I’ve never been able to master too much enthusiasm for a new one on day one. January 1st falling on a Sunday, my least favorite day of the week, doesn’t...

Island Creek Oyster Stout

The brewing thoughts of an amateur beer-lover (part I)

Being a beer connoisseur has long gone mainstream. Just like I do with wine, I tend to be completely satisfied with just loving it, without having to know all that much about it. After all, I hail from generations of vintners, who tended our small...


Grocery shopping – redesigned for the digital age

It all started when I asked a friend on Facebook to share a recipe for an Italian broccoli soufflé. Instead of writing it out or sending it as a link, she simply snapped a picture of the recipe straight from the pages of her cipy of...