A spirited if somewhat pedestrian ode to Friday night

by Tia on April 15, 2011

In my book, Friday night is sure to deliver on at least one promise – two mornings of optional sleeping in. It also arrives tastelessly mouthfull of unsubstantiated expectations about the monumental projects, respectful tasks or simply mundane chores that I smugly vow to complete that weekend – many of them predictably stale leftovers from the last one. I reliably alternate between starting the weekend enthusiastically overpromising and ending it uninspiringly underdelivering or just taking the high road of committing to pure, unadulterated laziness or, as I prefer to label it, dolce far niente. The latter – you have no choice but to agree, cari amici! – gives it a decidedly Roman flavor of laissez-fair, enough to conceal any active form of recreational slacking with a shroud of faux-sophistication. Whatever your approach to Friday night as the gateway to the weekend might be, remember the old saying – little work never hurt anyone. And little less work would minimize the hurting even more!

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